Behind the Wall

Great article from Total Production International on some tech details  from Roger Waters’  The Wall tour. For both the curious and the obsessive.

…’“Setting up the wall, knocking it down. I lost track of how many times we did it,” commented Kansy. “It also took a lot of cardboard bricks. They’re semi-resilient — some of them last three shows, some only one. Each measures 5’ wide x 2.5’ high; they come flat-packed and it takes nearly 400 to do each show, so we slowly replace the ones that are looking worn. They’re sprayed with a flame-resistant substance. They’ll smoulder but they won’t burst into flames. Some of those bricks are flats that are there from the start, but it’s hard to tell out front.” For Europe, the flat-packed bricks are made in the UK by Smurfit Kappa of Peterborough…”


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