Borat Redux

“The media business is the new Ellis Island: Give me your talentless, give me your hoaxes and I will put anything on my air,” says Robert Thompson, professor of television at Syracuse University.

Prof. Thompson is referring to the recent flap over a Virginia couple who managed to crash Obama’s first state dinner and be photographed with high level officials including the vice president. To its credit, the Secret Service has taken full responsibility for such an egregious lapse. No shoes were thrown. But the greater embarrassment lies in our celebrity-obsessed culture.

According to the article linked above, this couple was vying for a prime spot on Bravo Network’s “Real Housewives of D.C.” They were willing to put themselves in criminal jeopardy for doing so. Apparently the network was fully aware of their actions and “captured their preparation for the event” but slyly chose to avoid sneaking their own cameras onto White House grounds. They’ve now landed a choice spot on the TODAY show claiming to be victims of the media. The snake bites its own tail.

Our “culture” such as it is – may already be beyond redemption.

“In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” – Andy Warhol

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