a modest proposal

Since I’m going it alone, I’ll be doing a web pitch with the working title “Planet Mars, Myths and Movies.” It will focus on the fantasies we have of Mars, in movies and literature; a “micro database” for sci-fi fans.

This would be a “drill-down” site: a niche for enthusiasts who’d like to see how we’ve seen the mysterious Red Planet in our imaginations. Ideally I’d like it to be “all things Mars” with focus on imaginary horrors vs. realities.

Expected user would be (primarily) educated males, 20s – 50s. Much of the fantasy aspects anchor on H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc.

Links to virtual tours, from simulations to Disney’s Mission Space.

Ideally it would be constructed as image maps; a separate menu telling the user what’s available here (so you can choose a path directly); or you can “randomly” click on an image map of Mars to take you to one of those choices.

Site can be supported by click-thru “gift shops” or tailored for acquisition by much bigger planets like Disney, NASA, etc.

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