antonin kaos

Who needs information?

History repeats infinitely, or am I simply generational? I find the plethora of net info to be simply noise. I tune out. Or I single out things that don’t interest me; yet without the info, how would I know? Nobody wants to live in a cocoon; and yet, isn’t what the virtual worlds are about? Cocooning.

I don’t have time to figure out the latest “trend”  – download a document in .enw or other format – doesn’t work? You can lose hours trying to download the f**ker, only to find you have to buy a password or install a new item, reboot, etc.

Looking for simplicity; not 100 ways to do the same thing. I use the net for results; not the process.  How do microwave ovens work? Try putting a raw egg in one. Or a Tesla Coil.

If that makes me conventional, so be it. I need to prioritize, or my head will explode.

If I could share anyone’s brain it would be Antonin Scalia.

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