is it that time again?

Right, self-assessment time.  Where to begin? There’s a tsunami of news and information out there. It’s easy to get lost, or at least diverted.  I want to learn more about remote viewing and Kirlian photography, but somehow end up on the latest Rip Taylor blog, or playing the Kevin Bacon game.

You begin reading, then start skimming. Or vice versa. You don’t want to get hit with a wall of words. Time becomes elastic: you can leap through a dozen sites in as many seconds only to find yourself immersed far, far too long. Now you’re late for work!

Not only that, it takes only a few mouse clicks to max out your credit cards on stuff you swore you’d never ever buy. It’s an impulse medium. Amazon’s got it down to a real science, and their stock is still pretty healthy.

Crikes, where was I? Right, the train of thought thing. I find the more information I get the harder it is to organize. So I prioritize. I think we all do that: we search for the fleeting and compelling at the same time. Without organization you get the equivalent of a junk drawer.

Everybody has a junk drawer: admit it. You know what I mean. Cluttered with memories, shells, souveniers, dream fragments  and little things you just can’t bear to throw away because they meant something sometime.

Except the web doesn’t work that way, unless you bookmark it, or use the Wayback Machine, or – hold a sec,  Kevin Bacon’s on the phone again.

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