Get Don on the Phone

Casey Kasem, arguably the world’s most famous and influential DJ, throws a major fit. The audio is quite real; but SPIKE TV felt they could only present it with a silly cartoon overlay. The (un)intended effect is that the cartoon overrides the reality. You’re more likely to just follow the eyes instead of the tantrum.

If you’ve never seen/heard Casey before, you now have an impression that can’t be easily dissociated. Explicit visuals destroy imagination. More likely you’ll remember the cartoon, not what he actually said.

It used to be called Theatre of the Mind. Radio shows like Inner Sanctum, Lights Out and the Lone Ranger worked so well because there was no possible way to agree on what these characters actually looked like. But with games and TV, there’s already a visual template.

Try Ray Bradbury’s October Game to jump your senses.

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