Delicious is a little more ambitious and certainly not as sloppy as Google Reader.  Easy install on Firefox; however, after you restart, Deli opens a wide sidebar on the left, as if you were opening the History sidebar. Immediately it’s cut my reading space by another third, and the introductory how-to page grabs what’s left of the work screen.

I’m dubious about any so-called “free” program that wants your personal information (bookmarks) by default. Who’s collecting your “personal” information? Remember, you’re uploading bookmarks, etc., to anonymous third party systems.

While they exist, I recommend No Script, Ghostery, Taboo and Read It Later – simple Firefox add-ons that don’t seem to compromise your security. Ghostery, for example, will show you how many other tracking sites are following your every move as you surf-n-share.

As we move into increasingly “anonymous” cyber territory, Identity Theft Protection will be THE primary concern if not already. Too many companies STILL ask for “the last 4 digits of your SS number.”

We’re not cyborgs yet, but don’t be surprised if you need a tattoo or bar code on your arm. Or perhaps a retinal scan (bar code tattoos are so 20th Century).

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  1. Twunked says:

    Speaking of bar code tattoos, have you read Jennifer Government?

    Like the new look, by the way.

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